Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I went to China last year. It was a brief visit, for work, but I managed a few days R&R in Shanghai.

I was instantly drawn to China and would gladly travel there again, only for longer.

One of my favourite things to do was to wander around the food markets. Admittedly the locals looked at me like I was a crazy woman; shaking their heads and asking themselves 'why is she taking a photo of those snow peas'?

There is something immensely appealing in the artfully arranged, vibrantly coloured food on display in these markets. Here are a few pics...

Bok Choy

Quail Eggs

Making Noodles

Writhing Eels

What's this all about?

Well basically it's about the contents of my kitchen drawers and cupboards, what these gadgets are and what I do with them.

Everyone is into 'something'. Whether they collect football cards or Star Wars dolls. I'm into kitchenware.

I'm not just talking about pots and pans. My area of interest extends to cookbooks, servingware, gadgets, recipes and appliances. It's about my garden, where I grow lots of edible things.

It's a fluid obsession - changing and growing all the time.

I have what must qualify as the world's smallest kitchen. It's old and really basic - but I love it. Not for what it is but for what I can do in there.

Read on and I will update regularly with my gadget collection, my cookbook bibliography, some recipes I made up myself, progress in my garden.

If it is about food, it will be in here.